We believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take. Our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose. It’s why we travel the world to develop our exclusive collections of home goods. Country by country, we partner with master artisans, blending our modern style with their time-tested techniques. By personally traveling to each country and using only local materials, we establish sustainable relationships with our artisans. From there, we sell directly to you online–there is no middleman. This is how we’re able to offer handmade goods, crafted with the highest quality materials, at more reasonable prices than traditional luxury boutiques.

I’ve long been an admirer of the handicrafts produced from The Citizenry which was founded by Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley. College mates since their freshmen year, they fused their creative and entrepreneur skills to build a global marketing strategy that would showcase the handiwork made by the artisans and provide them with a good decent profit. Their collection came from Argentina, Peru, and Uganda and they’ll be introducing more to the collection from other continents every season. A collaboration with designer Cassie Pyle who designed the company’s brand and collaterals, and photographs by Nathan Johnson.