Canadian artist Geoff McFetridge started his career working primarily on graphic design, creating logos for big companies then started painting and doing illustrations in early 2000. He's done movie titles for films like Where the Wild Things Are, Adaptation, and The Virgin Suicides. But McFetridge is widely known for his silk screen illustrations. His background in graphics is very evident in his work. These figure drawings are simplified into geometric shapes, they become abstract. The playful interweaving of visual between reality and our perceptions often overlooked by our consciousness is captured as two-dimensional subjects. His latest project include his illustrations for the Apple WWDC this summer. He is based in Los Angeles, California.


“The idea is to make image-based work that lies between image and language. So that your visual cortex ‘reads’ these more as language, rather than seeing them as spacial or physical things. A way to induce a misfiring of your mind to create a connection, and manipulate the viewer in a way that creates a sort of resonance."