The Dayrooms is a quaint store based in Notting Hill, owned by Aytan Mehdiyeva and Zumrud Mammadova. The shop features Aussie designers known for their laid back or leisurely ensembles catered for the wanderers and explorers. The space and identity of the shop focuses on moments, the pastels and grey tones evokes a serene and intimate space where the shopper can slow down and unwind in the shop amidst the bustling city. This idea of space is reflected in the cards, bags, and collaterals which is simple and non-intrusive. The design and identity of the store was developed by Two Times Elliott, a design consultancy based in London that provides identity, art direction, spacial, and web design to their clients.

We have taken a narrative approach that takes you through the store as you would with your daily routine; a relaxed, personable concept that aims to be a relatable experience with each customer. Much like the store being a collection of curated things, we have designed the store around the concept that it is essentially a collection of experiences. We were approached to create the full brand narrative, brand naming, direction, collateral, digital and tone of voice for the brand.