Our objective was to communicate Abarrotes Delirio’s philosophy, based on practicality, simplicity and on the organic provenance of their ingredients, through its identity and interior design, which in turn was developed by Habitación 116. The careful selection of the products on offer is depicted in the graphic style developed for the brand, where each element serves a specific purpose to complement this lifestyle. The contrast between the opposing concepts of a corner shop and a gourmet one is resolved through a neutral and pristine base that can cater for all forms and colours which are naturally present in the products, thus effectively communicating the concept of closeness, authenticity and selectiveness.

Savvy Studio delivers yet again a handsome brand identity for a gourmet bakery and
coffee shop Abarrotes Delirio in Mexico. The corner shop wanted to convey the local
street food but packaged in simple and practical design that attracts consumer with
diversified taste.