I have long been a reader of ThisisPaper, a site filled with wonderfully curated stories and now they are publishing their first printed magazine: Inaugural Issue, a more tactile creation containing stories. However, to move the publication forward, this ad-free magazine needs to gain at least 250 orders to cover the expenses. To learn more of their magazine and to pre-order a copy, visit their website.

Since its inception its form resembled a moodboard, in that it relied much more heavily on image than on text. With time we began to feel the need not only to tell longer stories, but also to give these stories a tangible form. The immediacy of web browsing allows for absorbing inspiring bits and pieces in large quantities but doesn’t necessarily foster careful examination or rereading. In this book we let the designers speak for themselves, asking them questions aimed at the underside of the finished product. Their generous answers unveil the details of how and why they design.